Data Storage

Data Storage

With the adoption of high-speed, low-latency SSDs, new performance bottlenecks are being created at different points along the data path. The emerging NVMe-oF protocol is being deployed to help alleviate these bottlenecks, and enable a disaggregated storage model to scale compute and storage resources independently.

The MPPA® advantage

Kalray has introduced several data storage solutions that respond to the evolving needs of the data center industry.

The key benefits:

  • KTC products: equipped with Kalray’s MPPA processor, the KTC products (Kalray’s NVMe-oF Target Controllers) have fully integrated CPU + NIC functions which enable high-density/high-performance storage solutions with in-line processing capabilities such as deduplication, encryption, compression, RAID, etc.
  • JBOF: the JBOF (Just A Bunch of Flash drives) reference system further helps customers evaluate the solution.

With Kalray’s MPPA offering more than 100 cores towards end-user processing, Kalray offers customers the chance to make their JBOF smarter, while exploiting the performance of SSDs to the full!

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