April 04, 2022

5G: Behind the Technology, What Are the Challenges, What Are the Uses?

With Loic Hamon, VP Corporate Development & Strategic Marketing at Kalray

If you want to better understand 5G, the challenges, the uses and the possibilities, we invite you to watch the replay (in French) of this round table organized by Bpifrance and Orange on Monday, March 14, 2022.

An unprecedented intersection of perspectives on 5G to decipher this new technology, with the participation of:

  • Stéphanie Cavaillès – Director of Insights & Innovation at Orange.
  • Emmanuel Villalta – Head of Collection networks, Telecom division at Enedis.
  • Loïc Hamon – VP of Strategic Marketing at Kalray.
  • Fabien Barati – CEO at Emissive.
  • Moderator: Antonin Cobolet – Corporate Relation Manager at Bpifrance.

Sometimes a cause for concern about health and the environment, 5G brings its share of opportunities in these two areas, but also in many others such as agriculture, industry, energy, entertainment or mobility.

As the number of Internet access points and the volume of shared data grows, 5G promises to respond by drastically increasing throughput, speed, the number of possible connections and the energy efficiency of the network.

In doing so, 5G will connect several technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain as well as virtual and augmented reality, which will feed off each other to develop new possibilities: telemedicine, cloud-gaming, autonomous driving, robotics…

On the agenda of the conference: an overview of this market, the technologies that support 5G, analysis of the first functional use cases and future developments.