October 22, 2018

Autosens and Kalray - An Ideal Partnership

Inspired by the leading technical innovators at OEMs and Tier1s, AutoSens is a leading technical summit for ADAS and autonomous vehicle perception technology, where key technology experts, disruptive technology suppliers and OEM & Tier1 senior technical executives are brought together in a unified conference and exhibition platform. The whole event is driven by OEM requirements to sense, and make sense of the vehicle external environment with the highest order of fidelity, safety and security.

With these requirements in mind, it is no surprise that Kalray are an original exhibiting partner to AutoSens given that its Massively Parallel Processor Array (MPPA®) technology is so ideally suited to the perception, decision and control missions of the AD ECU.

Watch Kalray at AutoSens Brussels 2018

Kalray’s AD ECU Processor “Coolidge” — Anticipation Builds

It was great to  get back to AutoSens Brussels  and to see it so well attended again: 500+ delegates all eager to learn more about emerging technologies and challenges within the automotive autonomous driving domain.

This year, Kalray were able to demonstrate their Massively Parallel Processor Array (MPPA®) technology running perception applications on Baidu, Apollo and Autoware autonomous driving platforms.

Executive delegate interest in Kalray’s AD ECU processor technology was the best we have experienced yet at AutoSens, a sure sign of the industry’s building sense of anticipation for Kalray’s first automotive processor, Coolidge.

From discussions at the Kalray booth, it became clear that OEM and Tier1 AD ECU developments are definitely progressing fast; and the MPPA®’s capability to execute concurrent multiple heterogenous applications (e.g. CNN, fusion, vision and networking) — all running safely and securely without perturbation, is proving to be a clear differentiator and driver of MPPA® adoption in next-generation autonomous driving solutions.

Kalray’s Long Service at AutoSens — and Badges to Prove it!

As an AutoSens bonus, the Kalray embedded business unit as represented by Stephane Cordova and Pierre-Edouard Beaucamps, was amongst a very select group of only twelve “AutoSensers” that have attended all AutoSens events, both at Brussels and Detroit. As a result, they were duly presented with long-service award badges (fame at last).

AutoSens Brussels 2019, Nothing Cooler than Coolidge…

Next year we’ll be back again with platforms that will demonstrate Kalray’s first automotive processor, Coolidge, targeted at AD ECUs. Coolidge will be a family of parts that will see performance grow to 100TOPS.

We can’t wait to see you again at AutoSens Brussels 2019 and share our news on the developing Coolidge story.

We will be updating you on MPPA®’s increasing automotive software ecosystem and Coolidge’s progress towards full automotive certification. Coolidge will be a massive leap forward in computer vision and machine learning performance and we are looking forward to sharing the Coolidge performance experience with AutoSens delegates.


David Clark spent 20 years in semiconductor technical distribution and was the founding director of Azzurri Technology (acquired by Avnet in March 2008). At Azzurri, David managed the design-in distribution strategy for the following principals: Actel (now Microsemi), LSI (Now Broadcom) and Mindspeed. During this time, David developed an unrivalled knowledge of the European Storage ASSP and structured the ASIC market. For the last 8 years, David has added manycore processors to his technical background. Today, he continues this technological journey with Kalray, responsible for sales in Europe, Middle East and Africa.