November 10, 2020

Kalray, Board Member of SNIA EMEA

Some of you know my passion for technology, explaining things and sharing my knowledge with all the colleagues/coworkers, customers and partners I am lucky enough to meet whenever it is possible.

You may also know my long standing support for SNIA and industry standards, as I think any good technology that helps solve real issues should be shared widely.

SNIA is the recognized and trusted authority for data center storage leadership, standards, and technology expertise (www.snia.org) and I have been privileged to have been strongly involved in the SNIA French committee and in some technical workgroups for 10 years.

6 months ago I joined an amazing company, Kalray, to apply my know-how and expertise to support data center activities.

Kalray is investing a lot in innovation using new standards such as NVMe and NVMe-oF to bring to market break through storage and computational storage solutions, as well as networking technologies such as Open vSwitch, or security algorithms to bring to market unique Bare Metal solutions and much more.

Quite naturally, at Kalray we have decided to be more involved in standards and SNIA and we are participating in technical workgroups at the global level. Today, I am very proud to share that Kalray has joined SNIA EMEA as a voting member and thus I have been appointed to the EMEA board of directors (www.snia.org/emea/membership).

I am delighted to have such a role, as it is important to share what is happening in terms of technology these days. We are surely in massively changing times and disruptive technologies such as Flash devices, NVMe and others are pushing boundaries of the IT game I have been involved in for more than 30 years, and these change dynamics are also pushing storage companies to reinvent themselves continuously.

We used to speak about agile method for development processes, but with the pace of change in technologies and hardware, I’ve started to think that we should apply the same method to hardware, which is far more challenging. A challenge we are ready to address with passion and energy at Kalray.

Watch this space for some more news.


Jean-François Marie has more than 30 years of experience in the high tech industry. He started his career dealing with real time systems, before joining Sun Microsystems as a data center architect, then EMC² and finally NetApp in 2006, where he had various roles in a 13-year career. He held various roles, from Chief Technologist and Product Marketing Director for EMEA, to French Expert team manager to handle new technology introduction. He also managed global and regional accounts, alliances and partners. Jean-François was also an active SNIA member for 10 years and French SNIA President for 2 years. He has a Masters degree in Electronics, specialized in micro-processor design and embedded systems.
Jean-François Marie - Chief Solution Architect Data Center at Kalray