October 11, 2019

Kalray’s Keynote on the behalf of the Khronos Group, at Autosens 2019

As an Associate Member, Kalray was proud to represent the Khronos Group during the keynote sessions at Autosens 2019, held in Brussels, Belgium, from Sept.17 to 19, 2019. Stephane Strahm, Senior Product Manager at Kalray, talked about “Open minds to Open Standards for the deep learning automotive solutions”.

Watch the Keynote

Standardization and interoperability are key to success

In order to efficiently orchestrate the adoption of the automotive industry’s rapidly advancing connected technology, it is always mandatory in evaluating standards or creating standards, to improve interoperability of components as systems’ complexity grows. This is happening nowhere more so than in the area of intelligent data compute for tactical driving systems – autonomous vehicles. Khronos’ open standards are a key solution to providing versatility in the supply chain and embracing more of the collective AI development community to solve tomorrow’s goals.

This presentation takes you through the success of Khronos Open Standards for machine learning, embedded vision and heterogeneous compute and shows you how you can participate to shape the future of safety-critical APIs required for autonomous software solutions.

With its MPPA® (Massively Parallel Processor Array), Kalray is providing disruptive technology for the automotive market, giving chips more processing power with less power consumption and an architecture combining performance and execution isolation by hardware design. To facilitate adoption and programmability for such platform offering acceleration for CNN, Computer vision, together with safety configuration, Kalray adopted the obvious Open Standards from Khronos. Kalray got involved with Khronos to participate in the evolution of this exciting standard and has the opportunity to hear first-hand other experts points of view in this area. Kalray is convinced of Khronos’ value and is delighted to be helping with its market adoption.

Author : Stéphane Strahm