August 10, 2022

ServeTheHome Product Review / FMS 2022:
Focus on Kalray's MPPA® DPU (Data Processing Unit) processor and K200-LP accelerator cards

We had the pleasure of meeting ServeTheHome (STH) at Flash Memory Summit 2022 and discussing Kalray’s DPU processor (Data Processing Unit) and accelerator card, as well as Kalray’s DPU-based solutions. Check out their detailed review in this detailed article and their final words: 

This is one of those really interesting solutions because it is not using an Arm or x86 CPU. On one hand, for the purpose of just doing storage, the Kalray DPU using something different may make sense. It is great to see different types of technologies in the marketplace.”

ServeTheHome product Review : Kalray DPU and accelerator cards