Kalray MPPA-DEV4 Development Plaform and K200 Board
Kalray’s All-in-One Development Platform

A complete and ready-to-use environment to evaluate, develop and optimize applications on Kalray’s MPPA®3-80 Coolidge™ processor.

The MPPA®-DEV4 includes all of the hardware and software needed for the development of your applications on the MPPA® Coolidge processor such as Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Mathematical Algorithms.

The AccessCore® Software Development Kit (SDK) and Kalray Acceleration Framework (KAF™) are ideally suited to porting your applications to the MPPA®-Dev4* and via KAF™, seamlessly assign these compute-intensive applications to the MPPA® Coolidge™ processor

*MPPA®-Dev4 incorporates a x86 Host processor with Ubuntu Linux distribution.

  • Kalray MPPA-DEV4 Development Plaform and K200 Board
  • Kalray MPPA-DEV4 Development Platform
  • Kalray MPPA-DEV4 Development Platform - with K200 Board


    • A comprehensive & ready-to-use development platform

      - Immediate execution of reference examples

      - Included Kalray SDK and documentation for users to rapidly develop on MPPA®

      - x86 workstation running Linux Unbuntu

      - PCIe board with:

                - MPPA®3-80 Coolidge processor
                - 2 x 100Gb Ethernet interfaces
                - PCIe 16-lane interface
                - 2 x 4GB DDR4 memory

    • Solution for any appplication with open APIs

      - Standard programmability (C, C++, OpenCL)
      - Open APIs
      - POSIX with OpenMP support

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Technical Corner

    • MPPA®-DEV4 / Hardware Specifications

      PCIe Board K200™ card with MPPA® Coolidge™ Processor
      Debug and Trace MPPA® probe card-K-DEBUG
      Motherboard Core i5 x86 Processor
      Hard Drive 500GB
      Memory 8GB DDR4 @2133 MT/s
      Graphic VGA / HDMI / DVI outputs
      I/O USB
    • MPPA®-DEV4 / Software Specifications

      Kalray AccessCore® Tool Chain Kalray SDK and tool chain (running on x86)
      Kalray AccessCore® Modules MPPA® and Host Modules (libs, drivers, middleware)
      KAF™ Kalray Acceleration Framework : Programming models environment for deployment on MPPA®
      KaNN™ Kalray Neural Network: DL Compiler and DL runtime for typical Frameworks and Networks
      Application specific Libraries Optimized Computer Vision, Mathematical libraries for MPPA®
      Ubuntu Linux Distribution Running on x86

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