NVM Express Webcast / BrightTALK
01:00 to 23:59

Save the date and book your seat! Jean-François Marie, Chief Solution Architect at Kalray will talk about Smart Storage Adapters Help Enable NVMe-oF™ Composable Architectures during this NVM Express Webcast.

The variety of architectures, use-cases and workloads to be managed by Data Center appliances is increasing. It is driving a need for storage and compute disaggregation, while at the same time forcing IT pros to simplify Data Center management and move to hyperconverged infrastructure. However the HCI approach results in siloing of storage that leads to capacity waste and scalability issue.

This talk is describing how modern smart storage adapters are leveraging NVMe and NVMe-oF technologies to offload servers from heavy storage tasks, and pave the way toward a fully Composable Infrastructure.

Date & Time

December 10, 2020
5:00PM (CET) / 8:00 AM (PT)
Duration: 60mn

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