Kalray to exhibit at Embedded World 2017

Kalray to exhibit at Embedded World 2017

Join Kalray at Embedded World 2017!
Booth 4A-330, March 14-16, 2017

Kalray is excited to announce its participation as an exhibitor at Embedded World. If you plan on being in Nuremberg for the event, we invite you to stop by our booth!

Kalray is a leader in manycore technology, offering its unique manycore processor, the Massively Parallel Processor Array (MPPA®) that boasts 288 cores! Embedded World will give visitors the chance to learn about Kalray and discover what the MPPA® will bring to the world of embedded applications. Four demonstrations will catch your eye:

MPPA® Multiple Computer Vision Application Demonstration:

Kalray’s demonstration will show how computer vision applications can berun using the multiple application abilities of the MPPA®. With 16 clusters of 16 cores, the massive parallelization of the MPPA® presents a wealth of possibilities for computer vision. Multiple inputs can be processed on the same chip, with clusters working independently of one another. For applications, like autonomous vehicles, that need to process numerous diverse inputs, this capacity will provide endless possibilities.


MPPA® Deep Learning Demonstration:

The MPPA®’s unique architecture lends itself particularly well to processing deep learning algorithms, the key components for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Kalray will demonstrate how the low latency MPPA® can be used for object identification. An explanation of the demonstration will describe the benefits of using the MPPA® as opposed to GPUs for deep learning processing.

Kalray/ANSYS joint demonstration:

SCADE Suite® is a product line of the ANSYS® Embedded software family of products and solutions that empowers users with a Model-Based Development Environment for critical embedded software. ANSYS® has developed a new code generator that automatically generates multi/many-core code from any SCADE application. ANSYS® and Kalray collaborate to support Kalray’s MPPA® platform.

Kalray/P-SOCRATES joint demonstration:

P-SOCRATES(Parallel Software Framework for Time-Critical Many-core Systems) is a European project intended to allow current and future applications with high performance and real-time requirements to fully exploit the huge performance opportunities brought by the most advanced many-core processors.

P-SOCRATES will join Kalray Wednesday, March 15th at 4pm to demonstrate its Upscale SDK on Kalray’s AccessCore™ SDK.

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