Kalray unveils its certified intelligent NVME-oF solutions with server and storage leader AIC at ISC 2018

Kalray unveils its certified intelligent NVME-oF solutions with server and storage leader AIC at ISC 2018
Kalray unveils its certified NVMe-oF solutions with AIC at ISC18 Download
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Kalray dévoile avec AIC ses solutions intelligentes NVMe-oF à ISC18 Download
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Grenoble, France and Frankfurt, Germany, June 25, 2018 — Kalray (FR0010722819 – ALKAL), a pioneer in processors for new intelligent systems, is proud to announce inline processing and artificial intelligence at the International SuperComputing trade show in Frankfurt from June 25 to June 27 with AIC, a leading provider of both off-the-shelf and OEM/ODM server and storage solutions. Kalray will be running two demonstrations: the Kalray Target Controller (KTC80) with inline mirroring to offload the network while securing the data; and the Kalray Neural Network (KaNN) performing live object recognition using artificial intelligence.

The KTC (Kalray Target Controller) solution has been certified earlier this year by the NVM Express organization through the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), an independent testing provider of standard conformance solutions and multi-vendor interoperability. This certification is the first of its kind for a fully integrated system.

Randall Skelley, Kalray’s VP Data Center Business Unit, declared: “This is an important milestone for Kalray. We contribute to advancing NVMe technology and helping storage companies build intelligent systems for optimized data centers. The KTC80, which combines the Konic80 board, the intelligent MPPA processor and associated software, delivers a unique all-in-one system solution.”

Rex Chu, VP sales AIC Europe, added: “The NVMe-oF certification demonstrates the level of maturity of the Kalray solutions in the market. They address customers’ needs for systems that bring analytics and other computing capabilities closer to storage.”

Besides supporting the NVM Express protocols, KTC offers extra resources in situ (i.e. more than 100 cores out of 288 of the Kalray Bostan2 processor), providing customers with smarter storage solutions. In-situ computing also saves significant network bandwidth, running Input/Output-intensive applications closer to the storage capacity. Such tasks as RAID/erasure coding, deduplication, compression, encryption or analytics, deep learning and artificial intelligence algorithms can be directly offloaded from the storage server.

In addition, Kalray provides the Kalray Neural Network (KaNN), a tool that allows customers to take full advantage of the performance and flexibility offered by the MPPA®’s unique architecture. This solution imports the trained models from usual frameworks (Caffe, TensorFlow, etc.) to ensure an optimal execution of artificial intelligence algorithms such as GoogLeNet, ResNet, YOLO and others. During ISC18, Kalray demonstrates real-time object detection and recognition, leveraging the performance of the unique KaNN tool.

Come and experience these Kalray solutions at ISC 2018 in Frankfurt, booth 1431.


Kalray is the pioneer of processors for new intelligent systems. As a real disruptive technology, “intelligent” processors have the capability to analyze on the fly, and in an intelligent manner, a very large flow of information, and to react and make decisions in real time. These intelligent processors are being extensively deployed in fast-growing sectors such as new-generation computer networks, autonomous vehicles, healthcare equipment, as well as drones and robots. The Kalray offering encompasses processors as well as complete solutions (electronic boards and software). Created in 2008, as a spin-off of the CEA, Kalray addresses a broad spectrum of clients, among which server manufacturers, intelligent system integrators and consumer product manufacturers, such as car manufacturers.


AIC is a leading provider of both standard OTS (off-the-shelf) and OEM/ODM server and storage solutions. With expert in-house design, manufacturing and validation capabilities, AIC’s products are highly flexible and configurable to any form factor, standard or custom. AIC leads the industry with 20 years of experience in mechanical, electronic, system-level engineering as well as a dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. Headquartered in Taiwan, AIC has offices and operations throughout the United States, Asia and Europe. For more information, please visit the AIC website.
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