Kalray/eSOL Joint Webinar on Edge Computing Now Available for Viewing

Kalray/eSOL Joint Webinar on Edge Computing Now Available for Viewing

In order to respond effectively to the new needs related to Edge Computing, new hardware and software technologies are necessary… and available today! This joint webinar (in French) from Kalray and eSOL raised a lot of interest. Here is the replay for those of you who missed it.

In this webinar entitled “Edge Computing: An innovative and scalable HW/SW Manycore Platform for Intelligent Systems”, learn more about an innovative and scalable HW/SW platform, technologies designed to meet the new challenges of Edge Computing, thanks to the manycore parallel execution of Kalray’s MPPA® processor and eSOL’s eMCOS® real-time software platform.

We addressed the following topics with Rolland Dudemaine, VP Engineering at eSOL Europe:

  • The new needs of intelligent platforms and Edge Computing: high performance and mixed criticality
  • Introduction to new innovative and scalable “Manycore” HW and SW technologies
  • Benefits: an optimal solution for the parallel processing of several independent applications
  • Examples of industrial and automotive use cases

WATCH the webinar here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atmkc5C674c

This event was also the opportunity for eSOL to announce the immediate availability of its eMCOS® POSIX scalable RTOS on Kalray’s MPPA®3 Coolidge™ new intelligent processor.

Author : Stéphane Strahm.