Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

Present-day cars are brimming with electronics, providing them with a wide variety of assistance functions. However, in order to produce autonomous vehicles, the amount of electronics within cars will skyrocket in so far as more autonomy requires more capabilities and much more computing power: deep learning, computer vision, sensor fusion are all compute-intensive functions, yet they are just a subset of what needs to run in parallel. Car OEMs and Tier 1s require processing solutions which can deliver sufficient computing power while ensuring the highest degree of safety and security.

The MPPA® advantage

Based on our signature MPPA technology, Kalray’s autonomous vehicle technology has proven to be the perfect fit for the needs of the automotive sector. The MPPA is the ideal optimized processing solution for autonomous vehicles.

The key benefits:

  • Extreme computing: with 80 cores, the current MPPA processor offers a previously unreached level of heterogeneous compute power. Its ability to execute simultaneously multiple independent applications and multiple threads of the same application provides car makers with a highly efficient processor to integrate all time-critical heavy-computing functions of the Autonomous Driving System on the same die. In addition, the MPPA offers an optimized tool and libraries allowing the best performances of deep-learning or vision-type algorithms. The inherent scalability of the MPPA architecture further allows architects to use one, two or more MPPA processors depending on the level of performance they require.
  • Safety: architectural determinism ensures reliability and security. Compared with other autonomous vehicle processing solutions, Kalray can ensure this high level of safety. The MPPA processor supports ASIL B/C and fulfils the ISO 26262 standard.
  • Power consumption: with a power consumption that can be as low as one tenth of that of existing solutions, architects can develop very dense systems with no, or limited, cooling needs, thus reducing the cost of the solution and of the maintenance dramatically.
  • Programmability: as car electronic infrastructures are moving from a multitude of disseminated small processors (ECU) to a much more centralized platform supporting a wide number of functions, car makers and Tier 1 need an open, easy-to-program platform, that can be easily customized and updated. Thanks to the MPPA programmability, not only can standard C/C++/Open standard API code libraries, standard libraries (OpenCV ,OpenVX, …) or run-time environment (AUTOSAR) be used, but also plug-ins to existing code generation tools, allowing the reuse of an easy legacy code.

With Kalray’s MPPA®, we will get autonomous vehicles on the road!

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  • Based on our signature MPPA® technology, Kalray’s autonomous vehicle technology has proven to be the perfect fit for the needs of the automotive sector.
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