Development Platforms

Development Platforms

Kalray’s all-in-one development platforms make it easy for customers to develop their solutions using the MPPA® processor. The development platforms come in different sizes suited to the needs of customers from sectors as diverse as the data center and the embedded technology industry.

MPPA Dev 2

The MPPA Developer is an all-in-one PC-based development workstation, including a standard X-86/Linux environment and a MPPA development board. With the new MPPA Dev2, development on the MPPA has become easier and faster than ever before.


The MPPA EMB2 is an all-in-one development platform with a small form factor. For customers looking to develop embedded solutions using the MPPA, this platform provides ease of programming paired with compactness. This workstation includes a host processor and the MPPA.


The MPPA Box 2 is a compact all-in-one development platform designed for customers looking to develop embedded applications. Ideal for prototyping, the MPPA Box 2’s small form factor makes it particularly compatible with embedded applications.