Software Development Kits

Software Development Kits

Kalray’s Software Development Kits make it easier than ever for customers to access the MPPA® processor. Using standardized programming tools, libraries and languages, the software development kits that accompany the MPPA have been designed to ensure straightforward and accessible programming for any embedded software programmer.


AccessCore allows customers to program the MPPA processor using standard languages – C/C++/Open standard API, programming models, APIs, and tools (GCC, Eclipse…). It includes all the necessary modules to program a manycore processor and is provided with a set of highly optimized libraries. Customers enjoy the freedom of programming their processor based on their specific needs without having to adapt to a new programming language. AccessCore customers also benefit from personalized training to get them started with the MPPA.


Kalray’s manycore parallel processor has been designed to provide unique performance when processing deep neural networks and machine learning algorithms. The Kalray Neural Network (KaNN) is the perfect tool for implementing deep learning networks on the MPPA. Using KaNN, customers are able to port and customize any standard deep-learning algorithm – GoogLeNet, SqueezeNet and others – on Kalray’s MPPA processor in a seamless fashion while reaching the optimum performance of the processor.

Software and tools from Kalray’s partners

A wide set of libraries and tools from open source communities or industrial partners is available, along with Kalray’s AccessCore solution. Contact us for more information.

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