Drawing on its powerful processor, Kalray offers a variety of data center solutions. These solutions exploit the powerful performance of the MPPA® to handle complex offloading, acceleration and cryptography.

KTC (Kalray Target Controller) Family

KTC is Kalray’s family of industry-unique storage solutions offering an all-in-one system (CPU + NIC + software) to build optimized NVMe-oF JBOFs (Just a Bunch of Flash). This solution brings the performance of the last NVMe SSDs in a disaggregated storage system.

Higher IOS, increased SSD density, lower cost and power and in-line processing are just some of the benefits of using KTC.

In addition to supporting standard NVMe-OF protocols, KTC offers 80 cores for the end user, allowing our customers to make their JBOF smarter. Executing in-situ computing saves significant network bandwidth, running IO-intensive applications closer to the storage capacity. For instance, one can add key differentiating features such as RAID/erasure coding, deduplication, compression and deep learning encryption, and dramatically offload the remote initiator.

Krypto Turboboost

Kalray’s TurboBoost is a complete solution to offload the encryption/decryption operations involved in secure communications like IPSEC, MASCEC and SSL/TLS. By delivering up to 100Gbps of bulk encryption, the TurboBoost significantly reduces the cost and complexity of deploying security applications.

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