Partnership with NXP

The partnership between NXP and Kalray targets the development and deployment from L2 (Partial Driving Automation) to L5 (Full Vehicle Automation) common hardware and software platform, for a safe, reliable and scalable autonomous driving solution, combining NXP Automotive solutions and Kalray MPPA® (Massively Parallel Processor Array) Intelligent Processors.

NXP and Kalray intend to bring an integrated, scalable solution to the automotive market, including CPU processing, neural network computing, functional safety capabilities, and an optimized integrated tool chain – together providing the necessary requirements for next-generation ADAS and automated driving systems.

Kalray MPPA DPU in NXP BlueBox for next gen automotive high performance compute
Kalray MPPA DPU in NXP BlueBox for next gen automotive high performance compute
"Kalray’s scalable, open platform and heritage in the industry is a complement to NXP’s deep experience, dedication to safety and portfolio in the automotive space. We are very happy to combine our expertise with Kalray to help our customers deliver increasingly automated vehicles."
Henri ARDEVOL - Sr Vice President and General Manager Automotive Processing at NXP

Interested in the NXP BlueBox 3.0?

Kalray’s MPPA® at the Heart of NXP’s BlueBox 3.0

The NXP BlueBox is a reference development platform for autonomous driving, providing required performance, functional safety, and automotive reliability for engineers to develop automotive high-performance compute solutions for self-driving cars and zonal control architectures.

After 2 years of successful cooperation and a strategic investment by NXP Semiconductors, BlueBox 3.0, the latest generation of the NXP BlueBox reference platform, officially launched at CES2021, integrates now Kalray’s MPPA© Intelligent Processors and offers it to both automotive customers and NXP BlueBox eco-system.

By combining in a centralized compute module, safe integrated high-performance NXP processors, expanded I/O connectivity and extensions with Kalray’s MPPA®  processor-based PCIe cards enabling heterogeneous acceleration; BlueBox 3.0 offers developers a solution that can accelerate system development cycles and speed time to market.

The BlueBox 3.0 Machine Learning acceleration capabilities are leveraging Kalray Coolidge™ MPPA (Massively Parallel Processor Array) processor that can be targeted for perception, prediction, pathfinding capabilities and emerging connected services.

Kalray’s manycore processor provides indeed a massively parallel architecture with heterogeneous multiprocessing capabilities, ideal for offloading and accelerating machine learning and other algorithms. The MPPA® manycore processor, powered by 80 cores, combines high performance computing together with high levels of safety (spatial isolation, freedom from interference, determinism), programmability capabilities and power efficiency.

Kalray_MPPA_DPU_processor- Data-Processing-Unit

Our MPPA® DPU Makes it Possible

The Kalray’s MPPA® processor offers unique capabilities for intelligent systems: high-performance computing, AI acceleration, very high-speed interfaces, real-time data processing, heterogeneous multi-processing, easy programmability based on open standards, energy efficiency, security and safety…

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