K200™ Card

Kalray’s Development PCIe card

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Kalray’s Development PCIe card

The K200™ boards make up a family of programmable, low-power PCI Express (PCIe) cards, featuring the MPPA®3 Coolidge™ processor. Kalray’s 3rd generation MPPA® manycore processor is designed for the development of applications using the MPPA®’s high-speed interfaces (PCIe, Ethernet, etc).

The K200™ board is part of the Kalray's MPPA®-DEV4, our development platform, and is also integrated within the NXP BlueBox, a versatile development platform for automotive from NXP.

K200™ is fully supported by AccessCore® SDK and can be used in acceleration or standalone modes.

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  • Kalray MPPA-DEV4 Development Platform - with K200 Board
  • K200 card front view
Based on Kalray’s MPPA®3-80 Coolidge™ Processor
  1. The highest core count on the market: 80 VLIW cores tightly associated with 80 Tensor cores on a chip
  2. Low energy consumption: 30W typically
  3. Real-time & low latency
  4. High programmability: Standard C/C++, OpenCL

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Technical Corner / K200™ Specifications
Features Technical specifications
Main Component

1x MPPA® 3-80 (Coolidge™) - 80 cores @ up to 1GHz

Main Input / Output

- x16 lanes PCIe Gen4
- 2x 100Gb Ethernet


- 2x DDR4 4GB @ 3200MT/s with ECC
- 1x 16GB eMMC for MPPA® applications code
- 1x 1Gb NOR Flash for MPPA® Bootloader code

Format Half Length, Full Height
Overall Size 167.65 mm x 106.7 mm

- 1x PCIe slot
- 2x PCIe slot
- 2.5x PCIe slot

MPPA Coolidge Processor
Our Processors Makes It Possible!
Possibilities are endless with Kalray's unique manycore technology.

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