Supercomputing on a chip™

A new generation of high-performance, low-power, real-time processors

Kalray, the pioneer in many-core processing, aims to be the leader in the huge and growing markets of intensive and embedded high-performance computing with its innovative supercomputing on a chip™ technology, delivering an unmatched level of high-performance, low-power, real-time, and easily-programmable processors and solutions.

- Eric Baissus, CEO

Best power
computing efficiency

and low latency

Runs heterogeneous applications

Standard C/C++

Highest system



Kalray’s solutions address a surging need in two huge and important markets:

Cloud computing

Real-time, constrained applications in markets such as telecom, big data, video, and IoT are rapidly moving to the cloud. To support such a major shift, cloud infrastructures need to offload real-time processing to high performance, low power, and real-time dedicated processors.

Embedded HPC (eHPC)

Embedded markets such as aerospace or automotive are required to run more computation and more real-time functions on the same die without increasing energy consumption. This demands new generation of real-time, high-performance, and low-power processors.

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Kalray’s offering includes the innovative MPPA® processor family, the MPPA®- based Turbocard acceleration and the brand new Konic boards, each complete with software development tools. Kalray’s supercomputing on-a-chip technology is also available through licenses to power a new generation of system-on-chip solutions.

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In addition to its standard offering, Kalray provides a growing number of packaged solutions together with its partners. The Kalray Video Card is perfectly suited for video broadcasters who need highly-dense, low-power video encoding and transcoding solutions. Kalray’s SmartNIC-card provides a fully programmable solution for SmartNIC operations in data centers.

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The foundation of Kalray’s supercomputing on a chip™ solutions lies in its breakthrough, patented MPPA® manycore processor technology. This revolutionary architecture uniquely addresses extreme computing, low-power and real-time applications with an unparalleled combination of technology benefits.