Supercomputing on a chip™

Changing the game with our high-performance, low-power, real-time processors

Best power
computing efficiency

and low latency

Runs heterogeneous applications

Standard C/C++

Highest system



Kalray’s solutions address a surging need in two huge and important markets:

Data Center

Data Center architecture is undergoing a major disruption with virtualization and software defined infrastructures. To support such a major shift, high speed data processing in networking and storage infrastructure need to be offloaded to high performance, low power, easy-to-program and real-time dedicated processors.

Embedded HPC (eHPC)

Existing architectures cannot effectively support modern computing in critical embedded systems. Sensors are now everywhere, complicating computational processing in critical embedded systems such as self-driving cars, drones, robots, etc. Currently, a large number of disparate processors are required to process information from different sensors. This approach is expensive, not deterministic, and difficult to program. Kalray’s solution is a new generation of manycore time-critical, extreme computing and low power processors to effectively address the demands of these growing markets.

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Kalray’s offering includes the innovative MPPA® processor family with a complete set of development tools, the AccessCore™, and MPPA®-based cards for computing acceleration, cryptography and compression offloading, and smartNIC fucntions.

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Kalray also provides, together with its partners, a growing number of packaged solutions including hardware and software.

Kalray’s Data Center solution, based on Kalray Open Network Interface Cards (KONIC), OpenDataPlane framework and third-party software stacks, provides a high performance, low latency and fully programmable solution for networking, security and storage data center applications.

Kalray’s data fusion solution, including hardware, OpenCL and C/C++ framework and boards, provides a unique solution for self-driving vehicle makers who are building their next generation cars.

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The foundation of Kalray’s supercomputing on a chip™ solutions lies in its breakthrough, patented MPPA® manycore processor technology. This revolutionary architecture uniquely addresses extreme computing, low-power and real-time applications with an unparalleled combination of technology benefits.