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Cut Storage Costs and Access Data Everywhere with no Compromise on Efficiency, Ease-of-use and Security

Economically store and protect valuable data with Kalray’s ngenea®. An extremely fast, highly scalable, data management layer.

ngenea® is an extension of pixstor™, it unifies high-speed pixstor™ software-defined storage with object, NAS and cloud storage into a single global namespace. ngenea®  transparently tiers data based on policies (for example, untouched data over 30 days old) from high-performance storage to cost-effective, highly protected object, tape, NAS and cloud storage – lowering storage costs and freeing expensive high speed storage space. 

  1. Multi-environment Data Orchestration
  2. Facilitates distributed collaborative workflows
  3. Gives access to the data wherever it is stored
  4. Creates a Global Data Management Solution that goes beyond the cloud.


Kalray ngenea diagram - Software solution for data management and unified storage

All Production and Archive Data are in the Same Namespace! 
ngenea® extends the existing filesystem into alternative storage options to give you complete control of your data, on your terms. ngenea wraps existing file, Cloud and object storage in a global namespace with a single view of the data – retaining the full path and filename wherever that may be.

Why Choosing ngenea®?

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Save Money

Cuts storage costs by migrating inactive data from expensive tier 1 storage to low cost object, tape or Cloud storage.

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Multi-node Migration/Recall Performance Acceleration and High Availability

Migration and recall can be spread over unlimited multiple servers in parallel, delivering extraordinary performance and high availability.

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High Performance Data Access

Files are directly accessed from high-speed storage as needed – intelligently moves data to lower cost storage, while maintaining a single view of all data.

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No Change to Original Data Path for Applications or Users

Applications and users access migrated files without any change in file path – files are recalled to primary storage directly upon access.

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No Capacity-based Licensing

Industry unique fixed price license, no penalty for extended use, the more you store, the more cost-effective it is.

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Works with both IBM Spectrum Scale Standard and Data Management Editions

Unlimited support for IBM Spectrum Scale Standard Edition licenses significantly reduces costs – no need to upgrade to Data Management Edition 

Transparent to Users and Applications

Applications and users see the same file system no matter where the data is stored, with no change to user or program access. 

ngenea® leaves a stub upon file migration, so data still appears in the namespace. Transparent, high-speed recall occurs on file stub interaction. Automated migration and recall of data occurs in the background between high-speed and external tiers, completely invisible to the user or applications. 

Future-Proof Open Data at Rest

ngenea® retains the full path and filename upon migration to a target so users and applications can read data directly from object storage. This enables a seamless workflow and access to dozens of Cloud-resident applications and unlimited computing power for analysis. 

ngenea® ensures data is always available in an open accessible format, with no vendor lock-in. ngenea allows organisations to adopt new, lower-cost technologies as they become available, without forcing wholesale data migrations from one tier to another. This combination of features allows the growth of data to be handled cost-effectively over many years while increasing user productivity. 

Unprecedented Data Awareness with ngenea® Analytics

ngenea® comes with a dynamic analytics engine that that provides information on how data is being created and used over time. 

This intelligence gives administrators the insight needed to make the right expansion decisions and provides a robust reporting mechanism for chargebacks. 

Powerful, Easy Search Capabilities

Finding migrated data among vast cloud or object stores is easily facilitated with the included search function.

It can automatically harvest user and application metadata from files, allowing lost files to be found by metadata type, with a simple drill down interface that generates proxy images, videos, audio and documents for quick browse. 

ngenea® Overview

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