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High-Performance, Data Centric Computing
from Cloud to Edge

Kalray is a leading provider of hardware and software technologies and solutions for high-performance, data centric computing markets, from cloud to edge.

Kalray provides a full range of products to enable smarter, more efficient, and energy-wise data-intensive applications and infrastructures. Its offers include its unique patented DPU (Data Processing Unit) processors and acceleration cards as well as its leading-edge software-defined storage and data management offers. Separated or in combination, Kalray’s high-performance solutions allow its customers to improve the efficiency of data centers or design the best solutions in fast-growing sectors such as AI, Media & Entertainment, Life Science, Scientific Research, Edge Computing, Automotive and others.

Founded in 2008 as a spin-off of the well-known French CEA research lab, with corporate and financial investors such as Alliance Venture (Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi), NXP Semiconductors or Bpifrance, Kalray is dedicated through technology, expertise, and passion to offer more: more for a smart world, more for the planet, more for customers and developers.


“For more than 10 years, our team of worldwide talents have been developing brand-new types of intelligent data processing solutions designed from ground up to leverage the full potential of a world increasingly dominated by massive, disparate and real time data. Participate with us in the construction of a safer and smarter digitalized world, a world in which data becomes meaningful”.

Eric Baissus, CEO

Why Invest in Kalray?

Our customers are Fortune 500 customers in domains such as Data centers, Telecom, Automotive and Edge Computing.

A Unique DPU Technology

From a breakthrough innovation from the CEA, one of the most renowned research labs in Europe, and developed by a talented team of experts in the field in the last 10 years, Kalray is offering a unique and mature technology, the MPPA®. Results of more than €100M R&D investment, MPPA® DPU Coolidge™ is Kalray’s 3rd generation intelligent data processor and is covered by more than 30 patent families.

Unique Markets

Intelligent Data processors will be at the heart of most of the largest markets in the next decades: data centers, storage appliance market, 5G telecom networks, AI and edge computing, autonomous vehicles and others.

Unique Investors

In addition to well-known financial investors, Kalray shareholders include companies like Alliance Venture (Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi), Safran, NXP Semiconductors.

Our ESG Commitment

Our ESG approach is everyone’s business, all the women and men who, through their dedication, energy and creativity, have brought Kalray to where we are today. Together, we are committed to a better and more sustainable world.

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Signing of a Large Contract with an Industry Leader for Kalray’s DPU Processor

Kalray announces that it has signed a major contract with a world leader in the field of high technology, listed on the NASDAQ, in accordance with the negotiations announced recently.

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