Kalray offers a collection of development and production boards, outfitted with its industry-leading manycore MPPA® processor. These boards offer our customers a simple route towards developing their complete solution within a few months.

KONIC Family

The KONIC boards (Kalray Open Network Interface Cards) constitute a family of Smart Network Interface Cards (SmartNIC) PCIe boards that provide industry-leading performances for storage and networking appliances. These boards exploit the unique capabilities of the MPPA processor and respond to the growing demand for high computing, low latency and low power consumption faced by new architectures deployed in data-center applications. Using high-level C programming language, Kalray’s KONIC boards can be programmed in a matter of weeks to optimize networking or storage applications, and/or add unique features.

Turbocard Family

Kalray’s Turbocards are a family of high-performance PCIe acceleration boards. They leverage the parallel technology of Kalray’s MPPA manycore processor to offload the most compute-intensive functions from the main processor in data center servers. They are the perfect solutions for a wide range of data center needs, including storage, networking and cryptography.

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