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Flash Array disaggregated storage solution using NVMe-oF technology

NVME FLASH ARRAY TURNKEY SOLUTION FOR ADVANCED STORAGE SYSTEMS Unleash the Full Potential of Your SSDs with a Unique All-Flash Array DPU-based design, the Flashbox™! DPUs at the Heart of a New Generation of NVMe All-Flash Array The Flashbox™ is a great example of how Kalray’s DPU-based smart storage cards

Presentation of Kalray’s careers

JOIN US WE ARE LOOKING FOR TALENTED PEOPLE! Want to Boost Your Career? Join a team of 150+ passionnate people and participate in shaping tomorrow’s world!Headquartered in the French Alps, near Grenoble, with offices in Sophia-Antipolis (France), the US and Japan, we are searching for talented people to support our

NXP BlueBox

The BlueBox Machine Learning acceleration capabilities are leveraging Kalray MPPA® processor for perception, prediction, pathfinding capabilities, emerging connected services…

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PCIe hardware cards with our KALRAY technology

CARDS ACCELERATION FROM CLOUD TO THE EDGE AND EMBEDDED SYSTEMS Kalray Cards Acceleration From Cloud to the Edge and Embedded Systems The explosion of data, driven by demanding services and applications using AI and data analytics, is putting a lot of pressure on Cloud, Edge Data Center’s and embedded systems

MPPA® Coolidge™

A new generation of processors to address the challenges of intelligent systems, based on a unique manycore technology.

AccessCore® SDK

Software development environment for developping applications using open coding standards on Kalray’s processors.

MPPA®-DEV4 Platform

A complete and ready-to-use environment to evaluate, develop and optimize applications on Kalray’s MPPA® processor.

Addressing Edge Computing Challenges with Kalray’s Solutions

EDGE COMPUTING Addressing Edge Computing Challenges with Kalray’s Solutions Edge Computing is a distributed computing technology domain that brings applications closer to data sources generated by people, machines, or objects. According to Deloitte Digital, in the last 2 years, humans and machines have created 9 times more data than since


In the data center world, Kalray’s MPPA® processor is used as an advanced DPU (Data Processing Unit): a new generation of processing accelerator for predominantly data-centric processing tasks.