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2020/01/06 6:00 PM

A Unique Platform to Accelerate Applications, Protocols and AI

Targeting Data Center and Automotive Markets.

A 25X Performance Improvement over Second Generation MPPA®

Grenoble - France, Las Vegas – USA, January 6, 2020 - Kalray (Euronext Growth Paris: ALKAL), a pioneer in processors for new intelligent systems, today announced the company will showcase its MPPA-3 aka Coolidge™, its third generation of unique and patented MPPA® (Massively Parallel Processor Array) processor family at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, from January 7 to 10, 2020.

Coolidge™ demonstrated at CES

Just a few weeks after having received the first samples of Coolidge™ from manufacturing, Kalray will showcase a complete Artificial Intelligence use case running on Coolidge at CES, including a common demo with NXP, one of the leading semiconductor companies.

Coolidge™ samples general availability is planned for April.

Coolidge™ uniquely positioned for the booming market of intelligent systems

Coolidge™ represents a 25X performance improvement[1] over second generation MPPA®, with improvement of artificial intelligence capacities, increased ease of programming and higher-performance interfaces in particular for next generation of data centers.

Coolidge™ is targeting the booming market of intelligent systems, from next generation of data center infrastructure, 5G to next generation of cars. Coolidge™ is a compelling choice versus FPGA, which are expensive and difficult to program; GPU, which are tailored for mathematical algorithms; and AI processors, designed for AI only. Coolidge-based cards can be configured to deliver specialized acceleration performance in a wide set of demanding functions such as vision, signal processing, encryption, software stacks, real-time protocols, etc.

Eric Baissus, CEO of Kalray comments: “Yet another important phase for the company. Coolidge™ is the platform to support company's ambitions on data center markets, answering needs of growing diversity of Data Center workload acceleration and on automotive, enabling integration of multiple critical functions on the same chip while providing huge computing performance.”

Data Center's growing need for accelerations at Compute, Storage and Networking

“2CRSi is eager to evaluate the new Coolidge™ processor from Kalray and excited to explore solutions leveraging Kalray's configurable cards. The performance of this third-generation processor will enable an expansion of our offer in high-growth areas such as Artificial Intelligence or compute acceleration, while enabling more and more distributed and disaggregated data center implementations”, said Alain Wilmouth, CEO of 2CRSi.

Automotive and embedded markets need for integration of multiple critical functions and high compute performance

“We are very happy to see the strategic partnership with Kalray reach a new milestone and have Coolidge™ integrated into the NXP BlueBox, our development platform for automated driving, showcased at CES. We are convinced NXP and Kalray will bring multiple benefits to the development and industrialization of ADAS and AD vehicles with safe and secure solutions integrating multiple critical functions and providing very high computing performance” said Kamal Khouri, Vice President & General Manager, Advanced Driver Assistance, NXP.

Coolidge™ has been designed to address the challenges and constraints of the new generation of intelligent systems:

  • High computing power with low energy consumption
  • Open and easily programmable system
  • Real-Time data processing and deterministic behavior
  • Concurrent execution of many heterogeneous critical tasks in parallel on a single chip
  • Advanced security and safety mechanisms suitable for the most demanding systems, defined in collaboration with Kalray's partners in the aerospace, defense and automotive fields

For more information and to view the demonstrations, come and visit us at CES from January 7 to 10 at Las Vegas, USA: NXP's booth #CP18, Central Plaza.

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Kalray (Euronext Growth Paris - FR0010722819 - ALKAL) is the pioneer in processors for new intelligent systems. A genuine technological breakthrough, “intelligent” processors are able to intelligently analyze a vast quantity of data on the fly and to make decisions and interact in real time with the outside world. These intelligent processors will be largely deployed in fast-growing sectors such as new-generation networks (intelligent data centers) and autonomous vehicles, as well as in healthcare equipment, drones and robots. Kalray's offering spans both processors and global solutions (electronic boards and software). Created in 2008 as a spin-off of CEA (“Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique”, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), Kalray addresses a broad spectrum of customers including server manufacturers, intelligent system integrators and consumer product manufacturers such as car makers. Read more at: www.kalrayinc.com



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[1] 25 TOPS (Tera Operations Per Second) performance for Coolidge versus 1 TOPS for previous generation Bostan

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