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Addressing Edge Computing Challenges

EDGE COMPUTING Addressing Edge Computing Challenges with Kalray’s Solutions Edge Computing is a distributed computing technology domain that brings applications closer to data sources generated by people, machines, or objects. According to Deloitte Digital, in the last 2 years, humans and machines have created 9 times more data than since

MPPA® DPU Architecture

In the data center world, Kalray’s MPPA® processor is used as an advanced DPU (Data Processing Unit): a new generation of processing accelerator for predominantly data-centric processing tasks.

Smart storage technology for powerfull AI and machine learning

BUILD YOUR NEXT GENERATION STORAGE WITH KALRAY’S DPU ACCELERATION CARDS Kalray MPPA® DPU (Data Processing Units) Processors at the Heart of the Storage Revolution The MPPA® DPU (Data Processing Unit) processor is at the heart of Kalray’s K200-LP™ NVMe-oF target controller and NVMe smart storage cards, bringing exceptional performances and

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