For years, Kalray has been the leader in massively parallel manycore processing. By introducing the industry to its unique MPPA® (Massively Parallel Processor Array) architecture, Kalray has extended the frontiers of processing possibilities for compute-intensive, low-power and time-critical applications.

The MPPA architecture provides unprecedented technology benefits:

  • Industry-leading ratio of computing power/energy consumption
  • Time predictability
  • High throughput/Low latency
  • Unique processing scalablity
  • System density
  • Heterogeneous multi-core applications on one single chip
  • High programmability (standard C/C++, Open CL and tools)


Kalray’s second-generation processor – the MPPA Bostan – is a 288-core, high-performance chip. Kalray’s Bostan processor can be found in a multitude of applications including medical devices, aeronautics, automobiles and high-performance data centers.


Kalray’s third generation MPPA Coolidge processor is the result of 9 years’ experience developing optimized manycore processors. With the rise of intelligent systems and edge computing , Coolidge offers unique capabilities for the new generation of embedded and data center systems, such as autonomous vehicle or SSD storage servers. Coolidge has been designed to provide the best-in-class performance/consumption ratio while supporting large open-source frameworks for an easy development. Coolidge also embeds key features to address upcoming technical challenges for applications such as deep learning, high-speed networking and computer vision.

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