Kalray Cards
Kalray Cards
Acceleration From Cloud to the Edge and Embedded Systems

The explosion of data, driven by demanding services and applications using AI and data analytics, is putting a lot of pressure on Cloud, Edge Data Center’s and embedded systems such as autonomous cars to improve compute, networking and storage systems.

Based on its MPPA® processor, Kalray’s has developed a K200™ family of data‐centric acceleration cards offering an unprecedented level of performance and programmability, a game changer solutions in terms of performance per Watt and per dollar.

Those acceleration cards can be easy configured via software into networking, storage, security AI and/or compute acceleration card leveraging MPPA®’s 80 cores, 5 clusters and high-speed interfaces (PCIe, Ethernet, etc.).

K200™ families can be used as:

  1. An acceleration card, offloading the host CPU on dedicated data-intensive application at best cost on a pure acceleration card (via PCIe) or an inline acceleration card (via Ethernet)
  2. A stand-alone solution, replacing the host processor in some use case such as K200‐LP™ developed for service providers to build their next generation of storage appliances.

    Our Family Cards

    • Kalray's K200-LP low profile card
      Half-Height/Low Profile Card

      K200-LP™ Card

      Based on Kalray’s MPPA® processor, K200‐LP™ is the latest member of Kalray’s family of data‐centric acceleration cards offering an unprecedented level of performance and programmability. K200‐LP™ has been fully optimized to address the growing market of NVMe and NVMe‐oF ‐based storage solutions, from Cloud to Edge. A game changer solution in terms of performance (per Watt and per dollar).

    • Kalray_K200 Board_1920x1281
      Full-Height Card

      K200™ Card

      Kalray's programmable, low-power PCIe card designed for the development of applications using open code standards, with access to the MPPA®’s high-speed interfaces (PCIe, Ethernet, etc.).

    Hardware and Software Environments

    • MPPA Coolidge Processor
      MPPA® DPU

      In the data center world, Kalray’s MPPA® processor is used as an advanced DPU (Data Processing Unit): a new generation of processing accelerator for predominantly data-centric processing tasks.

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    • Kalray AccessCore Software
      AccessCore® Storage

      AccessCore® Storage is an SPDK based open software environment. It provides standard APIs and a tool chain with MPPA® DPU-optimized software modules such as network (ODP) and storage (SPDK) functions.

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