NVMe Flash Array

Turnkey Solution for Advanced Storage Systems

Kalray Flashbox - NVMe All-Flash-Array for Datacenter Storage
Unleash the Full Potential of Your SSDs with a Unique All-Flash Array DPU-based design, the Flashbox™!
DPUs at the Heart of a New Generation of NVMe All-Flash Array

The Flashbox™ is a great example of how Kalray’s DPU-based smart storage cards can be leveraged to build unique storage solutions.

Kalray Flashbox™ is the first disaggregated NVMe storage array that has been designed from the ground up to leverage the full potential of NVMe flash devices at massive scale, while ensuring the lowest storage Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Featuring the Kalray K200-LP™ Smart Target Controller card with Kalray MPPA® DPU, Flashbox™ enables customers to unlock the performance of NVMe SSDs at scale, while meeting reliability and efficiency requirements for their businesses. Built on an off-the-shelf appliance, the solution addresses the key challenges of scale-out NVMe storage: scalability, performance, cost-efficiency, high availability and ease of use.

The Flashbox™ is available with our design partners or as a reference platform to design your own solutions.

Two Options: Turnkey or Build-Your-Own

  • Kalray_Flashbox_front_small_1920x1080
    Turnkey NVMe All-Flash-Array Appliance

    Kalray’s Flashbox™ is a ready-to-use storage appliance that can be plug & play in your existing infrastructure, the same as any other non-NVMe standard appliance.

    It is developed in cooperation with Viking Enterprise Solutions, a division of Sanmina Corporation.

  • K200-LP_front_1920x1080_2
    Or build your own NVMe All-Flash-Array Appliance

    Develop & customize your solution using Kalray K200-LP™ Smart Storage Acceleration card and AccessCore® Software Development Kit for a tailor-made solution.

    Kalray’s K200-LP™ Smart Storage Acceleration card is a game changer solution in terms of performance per Watt and per dollar.

  • "We want to change the way the industry uses and processes data, while unleashing the full potential of current and emerging NVMe SSD technologies, without compromising enterprise grade features like high availability and scalability. Our partnership with Kalray will provide a new generation of storage array solutions for Cloud and Edge with Kalray’s K200-LP™ best-in-class smart storage acceleration card.”
    Rick Kumar
    SVP from Viking Enterprise Solutions
  • Kalray Flashbox™ Overview

      • Ideal for Disaggregation

        Kalray’s Flashbox™ is a break-through solution for high-performance, scale-out NVMe storage.

        The disaggregated architecture of Flashbox™ unleashes the full capabilities of NVMe SSDs: physical devices are abstracted into one scalable pool of high-performance storage and logical volumes can be allocated to applications across the network as if they were locally attached.

      • MPPA® DPU

        Kalray’s Flashbox™ differentiates from other scale-out NVMe solutions in that all critical storage services run on one single chip in the disaggregated storage appliance: the Kalray MPPA® DPU, a new generation of data-centric processors delivering an unprecedented level of performance and programmability.

        This is significantly more cost-efficient, and gives much higher performance, than traditional x86 based architectures, which see reduced performance efficiency due to data the processing bottleneck when adding storage services.

      • Low TCO

        Flashbox™ enables efficient NVMe disaggregation, resulting in the most optimal utilization of NVMe resources. Because all storage services run locally on the Kalray DPU, the performance overhead is reduced to an absolute minimum.

        As the DPU was designed to minimize power consumption, power savings compared to alternative processors can be as high as 15x.

      • Ease of Use

        Kalray’s Flashbox™ revolutionizes how customers use and store high-performance data without compromising on high-availability and scalability. FlashBox™ runs on standard hardware and leverages industry standard protocols (NVMe-oF, NVMe-oF over Ethernet), making it very easy for customers to deploy in existing environments.

      • Openness

        Kalray’s Flashbox™ comes with Kalray Storage AccessCore® SDK, an open software environment based on the industry standard SPDK. With Kalray’s Flashbox™, customers get both performance and software openness.

    Use Cases

    • Safe Compute Acceleration for Automotive
      Flashbox™ Use Case

      Feeding Data-hungry GPUs for AI and Machine Learning

      Kalray's Flashbox™ is the first disaggregated NVMe storage array for AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning workloads that has been designed from the ground up to leverage the full potential of NVMe flash devices at massive scale. It enables data scientists to unlock the performance of NVMe SSDs at scale and feed their data-hungry GPU's.

    • Kalray Data Flows
      Flashbox™ Use Case

      Boosting Parallel File System Performance for High Performance Computing

      Flashbox™ integrates with all popular parallel file systems and guarantees the highest performance per $ and Watt.


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    Technical Corner / Kalray Flashbox™ Specifications

      • Hardware Specifications

        2RU, 19” rack support with rails
        Two I/O modules – six fans
        Up to 6 adapters
        Up to 12 100GbE ports
        24x U2 dual-ported NVMe SSDs
        Up to 364 TB in 2U with 1.9, 3.8, 7.6 and 15.2 TB SSDs
        3-year built-in support
      • Software Specifications

        SPDK-based storage suite
        RAID 0, 1, 10 and 6 (based on EC algorithms)
        Logical Volumes
        Thin provisioning
        NVMe-oF (RoCEv1/v2)
        Active/active or active-standby, highly available configuration
        Configurable In-band or out-of-band system management
      • Power and Cooling Specifications

        Power: 2 AC & DC 1600W power modules with 2 independent AC power input
        Operating temperature: 0°C to 45°C
        RoHS compliant
        Dimensions: 87mm H x 438mm W x 697mm D 3.43 in H x 17.2in. W x 27.44 in. D
        Weight: 25.5 Kg
    Processor MPPA_HAND
    Our MPPA® DPU Makes it Possible
    A new class of processing accelerator for predominantly data-centric processing task.

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