Kalray Storage Solutions for Datacenters
Kalray MPPA® DPUs at the Heart of the Storage Revolution

The MPPA® DPU is at the heart of Kalray’s K200-LP™ NVMe-oF target controller and NVMe smart storage cards, bringing exceptional performances and capabilities. With Kalray DPU-based acceleration cards, get best performance per Watt and per Dollar on the market while differentiating with unique advanced custom features.

The Flashbox™ is a great example of how Kalray’s DPU-based smart storage cards can be leveraged to build unique storage solutions.

The latest generations of flash memory and NVMe SSDs offers unparalleled opportunities for data intensive applications such as AI, 5G, IoT, HPC … NVMe SSDs are up to 100 times faster than traditional SSDs, as NVMe protocol unlocks high IOPs, high bandwidth and ultra-low latency.

But NVMe adoption raises unique challenges: existing solutions are unable to handle this massive performance leap. Kalray DPU-based storage solutions offer a unique way to unleash the full potential of NVMe SSDs.

Be part of the storage revolution with Kalray’s DPU-based cards!

Our Storage Solutions

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    Acceleration Cards

    Kalray Smart Storage Accelerator

    Offload all the CPU-demanding storage data services to a Kalray Storage Accelerator card and free-up the CPU for your important business applications.


    Based on Kalray’s K200‐LP™ accelerator card (a low‐profile, low power, PCIe Gen4 card), on Kalray’s data intensive DPU (Data Processing Unit) and AccessCore® Storage Suite, Kalray Smart Storage Accelerator is a plug & play, fully programmable acceleration card offloading data intensive storage services such as RAID, LVM, Thin Provisioning, Encryption, …

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    NVMe All-Flash-Array

    Kalray Flashbox™: Deploy NVMe at Scale with Best Performance per $ and per Watt

    Kalray DPU-based Flashbox™ is the first disaggregated NVMe storage array that has been designed from the ground up to leverage the full potential of NVMe flash devices at massive scale, while ensuring the lowest storage Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


    The Kalray Flashbox™ is a plug & play, turn key All-Flash-Array that delivers speeds of up 12MIOPS with extremely low latency and supports up to 24 NVMe SSDs. Kalray Flashbox™ supports all the storage services expected from an Enterprise Grade solution at the speed of NVMe. Kalray Flashbox™ enables you to easily deploy NVMe at scale with best performance per $ and per Watt.


    In addition to being fully plug & play, the Kalray Flashbox™ is based on Kalray DPU (Data Processing Unit) technology and  is fully programmable to take on custom applications to further offload the CPU complex.


  • K20-LP Card_2000x1500

    Kalray Storage Target Controller: Build Next Generation of NVMe-oF AFA Storage Appliance

    Support NVMe and NVMe-oF over TCP & RoCE  in addition to all data intensive storage services such as RAID, Thin Provisioning, on a single Kalray’s K200‐LP™ low‐profile, 2x 100Gb/s ethernet, PCIe Gen4 card.


    The K200-LP™ Target Controller is fully plug and play as a pass through NVMe-oF controller, and has built-in data services to provide Quality of Service (QoS) to full abstracted Logical Volumes and additionally is a fully programmable SPDK-based DPU offload engine.


    AFA: All-Flash-Array

Why Kalray's Storage Solutions Are so Unique?

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    - Use NVMe SSDs locally or in a disaggregated solution with no impact on performance

    - Free-up your main CPU from all the intensive data storage functions

    - Unlock resources traditionally within each discrete server
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    Lowest Storage TCO
    - Best performance per $

    - Best capacity per $

    - Lowest power consumption – up to 15x power savings compared to alternative processors
  • Picto_MPPA_512x512
    Kalray MPPA® DPU (Data Processing Unit)
    - A new generation of fully programmable data-centric processors allowing all critical storage functions to run on one single chip

    - Highly secure and connected to high-speed fabrics & interfaces

    - Support standard protocols (NVMe-oF, NVMe-oF over Ethernet, TCP NVMe-oF, RoCE NVMe-oF )

    - Support SPDK Open software environment, on 80 cores, for 20W typ.

Want to Learn More about our Storage Solutions?

In Data Center Storage Equipment Market Tracker Report:

  • "NVMe-oF JBOF is just starting to experience an uptake in on-premises enterprise DC segments for its ultra-high performance and is ramping aggressively for use by hyper converged infrastructure and in data intensive applications”.
    Dennis HAHN
    Cloud & Data Center Senior Analyst at OMDIA
  • Storage Components

    • Kalray K200-LP Card
      K200-LP™ Cards

      Fully programmable cards that bring the benefits of the MPPA® DPU technology to data centers for higher performance & more flexible solutions.

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    • MPPA Coolidge Processor
      MPPA® DPU

      Kalray’s MPPA® DPU processor is a new generation of processing accelerator for predominantly data-centric processing tasks.

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    • Kalray AccessCore Software
      AccessCore® Storage

      An SPDK-based open software environment that provides standard APIs and a tool chain with MPPA® DPU-optimized software modules.

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