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Addressing Automotive Challenges with Kalray Manycore Architecture Based on our MPPA® DPU Technology

Performance, function aggregation and safety are essential for upcoming intelligent vehicles: Both markets and regulations require more computing intensive features in cars, each new car model embedding much more processing power than the previous generation. Being able to combine different types of applications within one Electronic Control Unit (ECU), while ensuring that each of these applications are isolated from each other, is key.

New generation vehicles are not just processing AI applications. Many types of applications are required to be processed from machine learning, computer vision to path planning – car perception and path planning being the two main functions of ADAS and AD, that are particularly performance-hungry.

The Kalray MPPA® DPU manycore processor is based on a unique, innovative and patented processor architecture, allowing car makers to address the challenges of new intelligent vehicles.

The MPPA® DPU processor comes with a full software development environment (AccessCore® ) using open standards and common tools (C/C++, OpenCL, Linux, POSIX, optimized libraries…), allowing users to easily develop their own specific applications.

MPPA® DPU Key Benefits for Automotive

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High Performance

Unique performance to address highly demanding AI-based and non AI-based algorithms such as vision, path planning and decision functions.

Function Aggregation

Easy consolidation of many heterogenous functions on one single accelerator, thanks to its manycore and multi OS architecture.

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Ease the development of safe and ready-to-certify solutions, thanks to MPPA®’s DPU deterministic architecture and its ability to isolate execution domains and guarantee freedom from interference.

Our Automotive Solutions


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Kalray’s MPPA® DPU Processor at the Heart of NXP’s BlueBox

The NXP BlueBox is a reference development platform for autonomous driving. The BlueBox acceleration capabilities are leveraging Kalray Coolidge™ MPPA® (Massively Parallel Processor Array) DPU processor that can be targeted for perception, prediction, pathfinding capabilities and emerging connected services.


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Kalray SuperECU™ Platform

Resolves the main challenge faced by the car industry to drastically reduce number of ECUs, by safely integrating multitude of critical functions/OS on a single chip, while fulfilling all the requirements in terms of cost, safety, performance, openness and scalability.

Heterogeneous Multi-processing Demonstration with Kalray's DPU (Data Processing Unit)

By combining very high performance computing, real-time data processing and power efficiency, MPPA® DPU processor enables car makers to deploy and optimize embedded technologies, which require more and more sensors for LIDAR, AI acceleration…

The strength of Kalray’s MPPA® DPU processor is to be able to do this, while combining many critical and heterogeneous applications in parallel, and ensuring mandatory and high levels of security and safety (determinism, freedom from interference)… all this on one single chip.

The MPPA® processor comes with a full software development environment (AccessCore®) using open standards and common tools (C/C++, OpenCL, Linux, POSIX, optimized libraries…), allowing users to easily develop their own specific applications.

Want to Learn More About our Solutions for Automotive?

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Our MPPA® DPU Processors Makes It Possible

MPPA® DPU is a great way to simplify electronics within cars, reducing complexity and costs, while gaining drastic improvements in performance, power efficiency, security and flexibility. A game changer for the next generation of intelligent vehicles!

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Software development environment for developping applications using open coding standards on Kalray's processors.


A complete and ready-to-use environment to evaluate, develop and optimize applications on Kalray's MPPA® processor.

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