Kalray Software solution for manycore processor

Kalray Software suite datacenters and embedded systems
A software Development Environment for Kalray MPPA® Processors        

AccessCore® provides all required tools to quickly develop, debug, and optimize, high-performance applications, using open standards for Kalray MPPA® processors.

AccessCore® Key Benefits

  • picto_coding_512x512
    Full Flexibility
    - Update code in minutes
    - Use standard programming models
  • picto_community.
    Community Compatible
    - Uses open source tools
    - Runs open source code
    - Github access
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    Heterogeneous Computing
    - Multiple simultaneous applications
    - Large variety of application types
    - Real-time processing

For Storage, Compute, AI and Embedded Applications

Kalray offers different AccessCore® software products to address a large range of applications and markets.
  • data center
    AccessCore® ACS

    AccessCore® Storage

    AccessCore® Storage (ACS) software solution is a SPDK based open software environment, providing standard APIs and tool chain with MPPA®-optimized software modules such as network (ODP) and storage (SPDK) functions.

  • Safe Compute Acceleration for Automotive
    AccessCore® ACE

    AccessCore® for Compute, AI and Embedded

    AccessCore® Embedded (ACE) is the software solution for Compute, AI and Embedded applications:
    - Providing acceleration firmware capabilities
    - Hosting of eco-systems stacks, exposing open APIs
    - Abstracting and customizing all benefits of manycore with spatial isolation

AccessCore® includes:

    • A Unified Integration in Standard Eclipse IDE

      • WITH manycore debugger and system level trace viewer
      • Fine grained visibility and control of all the cores
      • Insight on the overall system behavior
      • Observation of live system
      • Hardware trace system with low overhead code instrumentation
      • … Command line also supported
    • Standard Programming Environment

      • Programming models: C/C++/OpenCL/OpenMP
      • Standard Protocols and Middleware: ROCE, NVMe of, SPDK,
      • Standard application Libraries: openCV, CNN, Math (BLIS, EIGEN), FFT
    • Standard Development Tools

      • GCC and LLVM compilers
      • C99, C++ 2014
      • GNU binary utilities
      • Newlib standard libraries
      • GDB debugger with multi-threading support (Each core seen as a GDB thread)
      • Watchpoint & breakpoint
    • Debug and Trace System for Application Debugging and Optimization

      • Device-side trace library allows the user to add tracepoints in his code
      • All runtime modules are instrumented to allow a deep insight of execution at system level
      • OpenCL traces both on host and device side: Eclipse trace OpenCL trace viewer help understand the bottlenecks in the application
      • PAPI provides a consistent API to access hardware performance counters

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